5 Unique Overnight Stays in Jordan

by Carmen Scholten

Are you someone who likes to go away from the mass or off the beaten track? With overnight stays at the following accommodations, you will not only get to beautiful places, you might even stay the night with people from your own country!
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Boutique hotel in Amman

The La Locanda Boutique hotel in Amman is located in Jabal al Weibdeh, the new place to be with the hipsters of Amman. The hotel has a modern set up and the design of every room is inspired by important musicians from the Arabic World. It’s centrally located and with a walk you’ll be right at the amphi theater and Jabal Amman with the temple of Hercules.

In between Pilgrims

Something completely different is the Russian Pelgrimage house. This resthouse is built on the border between Jordan and Israel, where you stay the night in the middle of Pelgrims from all over the world. It’s located in the area of Bethany beyond the Jordan, close to the place where John the Baptist baptized Jesus in the Jordan river. From here it’s just a small drive towards the Dead Sea or to the border when you make a combination tour between Israel/ Palestine and Jordan.

For nature lovers

For the fans of nature the Sherhabil Ecpark is a good idea. This park has different kinds of bungalows and even the possibility to camp with your own tent. In the park you can make nice walks, hang around the Ziglab Dam or use the Zipline to get from one side to the other. Last time I was there, I saw chameleons in the bushes, local women cooked our meal and we spoke with the mayor who came to explain to us about the park.

Overnight stays with locals in the North of Jordan

By staying the night in a home stay, you always have a nice chat, you get to know the culture and the locals can show you beautiful places. For example you can stay at a farm in the Ajloun area North of Jordan. From here you can walk beautifully along the Jordan Trail, visit local initiatives such as the Soap or Biscuit house or even climb and abseil from the steep rocks in the area.

Bed and Breakfasts

And last but not least: if you’d like to hang around with one of our travel consultants, you can also stay at their B&B’s! Stay with Jolanda from Holland in her Petra Fig Tree villa or with Patricia from Belgium in Petra Bed and Breakfast.

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