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7 days Hiking adventure in Jordan’s paradise - In2Jordan

7 days Hiking adventure in Jordan’s paradise

by Lina Al Tamim

Jordan can offer you an awe-inspiring adventure exploring the magnificent desert, mountains, beautiful landscapes, the UNESCO and World Heritage site of Petra. The Dana to Petra hike has been rated one of the best hikes in the world by National Geographic. Walking through this trail you will be fascinated by the beauty of this country.

Hiking in Dana

Hiking in Dana Reserve

Day 1: Arrival to Dana

Upon your arrival, your driver will be waiting for you at the airport to transfer you to Dana Village. It’s beautiful, small, and situated on the edge of a large natural gorge in central-western Jordan. Once you arrive you will notice how picturesque nature is. Dana offers a great variety of landscapes, there are rocky cliffs, a wooded highland, and a stony desert. You can spend the rest of the day enjoying the views, relaxing, breathing fresh air, and get ready for tomorrow’s adventure.

The Dana Valley

Day 2: The beginning of your adventure in Dana Valley

After breakfast, your hiking journey will start in Jordan’s largest nature reserve.  You’ll hike down the Dana Valley towards Feynan with a local guide. The start is at a height of 1200 meters. Hiking down the 1000 meters you’ll notice the surprisingly diverse ecosystem which thrives about 600 species of plants, 45 species of mammals like ibex, mountain gazelle, red fox, and 180 species of birds. You’ll be welcomed in the pop-up camp with Bedouin tea to enjoy your well-deserved rest. At the campsite, your dinner will be prepared at the campfire and you’ll enjoy a great sleep in your tent.

Day 3: Feynan – Ras al Feid Hike

A new day starts with another amazing trail, you will hike to Ras al Feid from Feynan. On the way, you will get to enjoy the beautiful Wadi Araba Valley, as well as the Valley with the red mountains of Jebel Sharah on the east side. There is a possibility to climb following shepherd’s paths to finally reach Ras Nab Shadid that offers breathtaking views and you will see the Nabatean waterworks and pools. Maybe you’ll be surprised by the waterfalls and flowering oleanders if winter had a lot of rain. Then you will stay at a pop-up camp in Ras al-Feid campsite for your overnight stay.

Petra Jordan

Day 4: To Little Petra

Today you will continue hiking to Little Petra, not that many meters to climb, you simply follow the mountain ridge of Mt. Safaha to the South. We pass the Qutla ruins and spring, an area used by the Nabatean and possibly as old as the Stone Age. Then you enter the Qbour al-Wahdat area. Where you can find numerous graves and a rock formation that resembles a skull. You’ll round the conical peak of Jebel Ba’aja and pass by a Nabatean dam. Then you will reach the end of the hike in Little Petra. From there you’ll go to your overnight stay at one of the Bedouin camps and have dinner.

The Monastery in Petra

The Monastery in Petra, picture by Tent Kanemaki

Day 5: Petra Backdoor Hike

Today is the last stage of the Abraham Path hike. After your breakfast, you will continue hiking on the Jordan Trail to Petra. You will end up at the Monastery (ad Deir). It is a monumental building carved out of rock in Petra and the second most commonly visited monument after the Treasury. There is a cafe opposite the Monastery, make sure to enjoy your cup of Arabic coffee as you admire this wonder. From there make your way out via Wadi Muthlim, so you can save the spectacular view from the Siq for tomorrow morning.

The Siq in Petra, one of the many routes you can take inside Petra

The Siq in Petra, one of the many routes you can take inside Petra

Day 6:  Exploring the UNESCO and World Heritage site

You have the day to explore the famous Nabatean Red Rose city of Petra. You will enter through an awe-inspiring rock canal the “Siq”. Notice the water channels along either side of it, the water channels were used to bring water from the area of  Wadi Musa into Petra. Then at the end of the Siq, it opens onto the Petra’s most magnificent monument the Treasury.

You can visit The Royal Tombs or perhaps climb up to the High Place of Sacrifice. Then take the trail down to the Garden Temple Complex.

After exploring the city, your driver will be waiting to take you south to another astonishing UNESCO and World Heritage site in Jordan: Wadi Rum.  Here you’ll experience the vast red desert, feeling lost in space, and sometimes you won’t see anyone for several kilometers. Your nights will be special, camping at one of the simple traditional tents where you will learn a lot and get an insight into the Bedouin lifestyle. Or, spend the night at a luxury bubble tents camp with see-through ceilings.  The food is generally healthy; make sure to try the traditional Bedouin dinner called Zarb, sit around the fire and look up at the stars.

Day 7: Last day of the adventure

After breakfast, if your departure is at night you still can make more desert memories with an adventurous 3-hour jeep tour, full of eye-catching sceneries such as high cliffs, rock canyons, and shaped rocks.  It will also highlight some of the cultural heritage in places like  Anfishiyyeh and take a deeper look at the Nabatean inscriptions. Lunch will be served after the tour.

Finally your adventure comes to an end and your car will transfer you back to the airport.

Jeep driving through Wadi Rum desert

Exploring the desert of Wadi Rum

Get in touch with us for your hiking trip; we are ready to tailor it according to your time, interests, and level!

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