In2Jordan, in partnership with Groasis Technology, will have tree-planting activities across Jordan on the 4th quarter of 2019.

Jordan is situated at the center of unique biota, representing the biodiversity of dry lands. The natural ecosystems in Jordan support human activities in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, tourism, traditional and pharmaceutical health products, traditional medicine and many others. These ecosystems are also important for their intrinsic value, and for protection of overall environmental quality.

Jordan is also one of the driest countries in the world and billions of litres of water never reach a family’s tap. In line with, it is not just scarcity of water that happens but also the lack of livelihood for the local communities. Access to the water supply will be for personal usage and not for any other use. This fact makes it difficult to grow plants which then leads to a limited supply of produce and source of living.

We aim to help Jordan in the rehabilitation of damaged ecosystems in order to promote biodiversity and solving causes of poverty and unemployment – Poverty is both a cause and a consequence of biodiversity degradation: poor people are forced to put urgent needs before the long-term quality of the biodiversity.

To make this project possible, we have partnered with Groasis Technology to make planting crops and trees possible using technology that reduces the use of water. This plays a vital part given Jordan’s climate and soil types. This will have a 90% survival rate of trees at 90% less water requirement. Furthermore, the pots are reusable which make it more efficient and cost-friendly and the locals can continue replanting.


How can you help?

In2Jordan will raise funds to make this project possible with your help

  • Book your Jordan trip with us in the month of July and we will donate 25JD for every booking* made at NO ADDITIONAL COST for you.
  • You may also donate through us.
  • You may also participate in tree-planting activities.

What happens with the donations? 

In order to get maximum impact, this is what will happen with your donation:

  • Every donation means planting one tree in Jordan.
  • The trees are planted with the Groasis Technology. This means that no water is wasted and we can make Jordan greener! After the plants have successfully produced roots, the boxes can be re-used over and over again.
  • We’ll plant trees that produce fruits, berries, nuts or others, that can be made into jams, traditional rolls on olive oil or other products.
  • The trees will be planted in numerous locations throughout Jordan and around / close to local initiatives. Locals then can make different products, sell these and thus contribute to the economy for many years to come.




* This promotion applies to trips that are a minimum of 2 consecutive days and for which we have received the booking-forms in the month of July.