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by Haze

Covid-19 2020 (NCoV/Coronavirus)

Measures against the Covid-19 are having a strong impact on tourism in Jordan. In line this, we will do our best to provide and share relevant information.
The trips made with In2Jordan are severely affected by the measures of the Jordanian government to deal with the Covid-19. On 14 March 2020 the government announced a series of measures, including the 
closure of schools, mosques, and churches, as well as tourism. 
As of Tuesday 17 March 2020, all flights to and from the Kingdom of Jordan will be suspended until further 
notice. All border crossings and airports are closed to passenger traffic. Most tourism sites, including 
historic places, are also closed for a week until further notice.
Because of the impact of the Covid-19 in a global scale, we are looking at an unprecedented 
situation. Currently, we are busy in contacting all the guest swho are currently in the country, or those 
with bookings before 29 March 2020 to work out a satisfactory solution. Consequently after this, we will 
be in touch with guests who have later bookings. 
This will largely depend on the cancellation policy applicable to your trip. We will be in touch with 
individual clients. If you have a trip booked between 17 and 29 March, we are making an effort to 
either replan your trip to a later date, or provide vouchers so you can replan yourself.
This will largely depend on the cancellation policy applicable to your trip. We will be in touch with 
individual clients. We are are currently negotiating with our suppliers so we can provide you the best possible compensation. We will inform you accordingly once we know more from our suppliers.
For the trips that fall from 17 March 2020 to 29 March, the answer is NO. This is based on the safety measures implemented by the Jordanian government to fight the pandemic. Once these measures are lifted, we will be able to indicate if trips are 
We highly advise for you to check the information of the ministry of foreign affairs of your home country. Each country 
formulates its own policies. In2Jordan follows the measures of the Jordanian government. 

If you already have a booking with us amidst Covid-19, please get in touch with your dedicated travel expert.

If you are thinking to book a trip with us but not sure if it is possible given the Covid-19 situation, do not hesitate to send as an email here.

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