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Receive a customized trip made for you, made by our experts in Jordan.

نبذة عن IN2JORDAN

فريقنا المكون من خبراء مختصين ومقيمين في جميع أنحاء المملكة ، على تم الاستعداد لتخطيط عطلة العمر. نود أن نأخذك إلى أجمل الأماكن ومناطق الجذب السياحية الرئيسية في الاردن مثل البتراء ووادي رم وجرش. أو زيارة المبادرات المحلية ؛ المجتمعات الصغيرة والطبيعة الجميلة والسكان المحليين المحبين.

ما يقوله عملائنا

Well-crafted Programme!

Peter — “Raoul gave plenty of good advice and reacted quickly and courteously to our counter-proposals. As a result, we arrived in Jordan with a well-crafted programme in our hands. His performance was in other words exemplary.”

March 2020
Stands Out as the Absolute Best

Jane Adeline — “I have traveled to many places in many ways - always choosing to get the biggest bang for my carefully saved dollars. For this, I have worked with many travel agents. Carmen stands out as the absolute best. I could not have been more impressed with her experience, organization, punctuality, flexibility, communications, personality, pricing, etc. Our 16-day, private tour of Jordan and Israel was efficiently organized around our interests, and, incredible in every way including the price. The tour Carmen created for us and the couple we traveled with gave us exactly the right amount of splurge and economy as we enjoyed the history, nature, and culture of Jordan and Israel. I highly recommend In2Jordan!”

April 2019
Patience, Attention to Details, & Local Experience

Errol — “My January 2020 trip to Jordan was a great experience. The natural and historical sights were breathtaking - especially Petra, the Dead Sea, and Wadi Rum. The trip went so well because of the patience, attention-to-detail, and local experience of Sarah who planned and co-ordinated the arrangements for me. I was a solo traveller and could not have been happier with the sights selected to visit, the accommodation venues, the food, and the skilled, safe, courteous and professional drivers - Hasan and Akram. And, above all, the warm Jordanian people that I met along the way made me feel very welcome. Highly recommended. Errol McDonald Brisbane Australia”

January 2020
Tour was handled quickly and expertly!

Travelsafemom - "After I completed the template to outline my ideal trip, I was connected to Gail. She very quickly assembled a tour to match my interest to hike and experience the culture and history that is Jordan. My every subsequent inquiry to tweak the tour was handled quickly and expertly. (Seems she works round-the-clock!) Looking back, we received the best bang-for-our-buck tour complete with car rental, lodging with breakfast and dinner, and local hiking guides. I highly recommend Gail, the local Jordan tour expert."

March 2020

لماذا تختار IN2JORDAN؟

مستشارو السفر

تحصل على خبرة مستشار السفر المتواجد في الأردن ، شغوف ببلده و عطلتك.

الحجز السريع

تحصل على إجابة في غضون بضع ساعات ، لتبدأ في تخطيط مسار رحلتك المعدة خصيصا لك أو لحجز جولتك الجماعية.

مكان جميل

لدينا المعرفة اللازمة عن البلد والأماكن المخفية . احصل على المزيد من رحلتك في الأردن!

القيمة مقابل المال

مسارات فريدة و معدة خصيصا للمسافر و بسعر معقول.

الهام السفر

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