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Social Responsibility - In2Jordan

Social Responsibility

by Carmen Scholten

What comes back in all of our trips, is that we are incredibly passionate about the country and about the Jordanian hospitality. Next to getting you to experience this in person on your trip, we also do some little projects on the side.  On this way, we all contribute to a better Jordan. 

In2Jordan always makes sure to give back and help the community especially when it comes to nature and animal protection. We have partnered with Al-Rahmeh Association for Animals in Jordan for the dog adoption project.

A dog can be adopted and taken home by anyone who is flying through John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York from Jordan. We are going to arrange everything on our end. All you have to do is to provide us with your flight details and information and we will arrange everything for you.

In order to do that, we need to know some information beforehand.  We need these about at least a week in advance. The following will be required in order to get you to travel with the dog:

1- Airline the volunteer is traveling with.
2- We need to add the live animal to the volunteer’s reservation, we can do that ourselves if you provide a copy of the passport and reservation.
3- The airline will get back in about 3 working days.
4- We will drive the pet to the airport and our counterparts in the U.S. will meet the you at the airport to take the pet.

Please note that only those flying from Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA Amman) to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK Airport New York) are eligible for this program.


Moreover, we are promoting visits to the dog shelter in tour trip itineraries, to spread awareness and to promote access to donations for the dog shelter, as well as love, cuddles and playing time for the dogs.


When booking, we also offer you the option to sponsor planting a tree in Jordan!  If you want, you can also plant it yourself during your trip, but otherwise we will do it. One tree costs only 25 JOD, and can be done w

ithout complications with the help of Groasis.

Groasis was founded by a Dutchman, who developed grow boxes to plant trees, shrubs and vegetables in the most efficient and water saving way. Their aim is to change wasteland into productive land, and to reforest manmade deserts. These is done to help reduce poverty and make sure that everyone has food, while creating jobs and wealth.


With these boxes, trees and other plants can be planted in every climate and in every soil, without the use of expensive fertilizers. And as if that’s not good enough already, the plants have a +90% survival rate without using irrigation, need less water and less care.

For more information on Groasis, click here.  

For a period of time, In2Jordan collected donations to support Lumeyo, a social project which empowers local women through their ancient weaving traditions, and enables them to build a sustainable and fair business. Next to women empowerment, the project also aims to revive Bedouin tradition and promote sustainable fashion.

Every piece is unique, as they are hand-made by women in Petra. All products are made from recycled materials, as a group of women in Aqaba collect second hand jumpers to take them apart and make beautiful colourful threads out of them.

The positive impact of Lumeyo is considerable: The olive wooden toggles are made by vulnerable women in Amman, the leather comes from Iraqi refugees and the recycled bead and glass work comes from Syrian refugees in the north of Jordan. Then, the Huatat tribe in Udruh near Petra makes the beautiful bags, mats, pillow covers and more out of the materials.

With the help of travelers from In2Jordan deciding to donate to Lumeyo, we were able to contribute to shipping a container of second hand sweaters to Jordan, providing new resources to the project!

Prioritizing hotels with blue flags and green keys

The blue flag label is one of the most recognized voluntary eco-label in the world. To be able to qualify for this label, a series of educational, environmental, accessibility and safety criteria must be fulfilled and maintained.

There are not (yet) many hotels in Jordan that do have this label, but every beginning is small, and we try to prioritize these hotels, wherever possible:

Blue Flag proudly contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.
Movenpick Resort & Spa Tala Bay in Aqaba
Intercontinental Aqaba
Movenpick Resort & Residences Aqaba
Hyatt Regency in Aqaba
B12 Beach Club
Crowne Plaza Dead Sea Resort and Spa


To find other places with blue flags, check out their global map


Similar to the blue flag label is the green key. The label is awarded for exceptional environmental responsibility and sustainable operations in the tourism industry. This way, travelers know that they are making a difference on an environmental level by chosing hotels with a green key.


In Jordan, the following hotels hold the green key eco label:

La Costa Hotel in Aqaba
Intercontinental Aqaba
Jardaneh Hotel Aqaba
Movenpick Resort & Spa Tala bay
Movenpick Resort Petra
Crowne Plaza Dead Sea
Dead Sea Marriott Resort and Spa
Amman Marriott Hotel
Sheraton Amman


Click here for the global map of Green Key certified accommodation

We bought a big amount of handmade soaps from Umm Yahya who lives in Wadi Musa, to give to our travelers as a

 little present when they arrive in Jordan. It all started by Umm Yahya being the neighbour of one of our travel consultants in Wadi Musa. In2Jordan decided to support Umm Yahya, so that she can upscale her production and use it as starting capital for her own soap production business. This helped to thrive her entrepreneurial skills, to produce more and different kinds of soaps, to be more creative and above all, to support female empowerment in Wadi Musa and surroundings.

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