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Traveling to Jordan is nothing without a little adventure. But for adventure junkie? Life is nothing without it. And what is a more environmentally-friendly way to discover a country than to cycle around it? Jordan won’t be off the list, of course! Together with our trusted partners at Cycling Jordan, we have created amazing cycling trips through the Kingdom of Jordan. This cycling tour will cover the major highlights of Jordan which include beautiful landscapes, the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, and more. And all of that is with guaranteed departures!

Cycling trip: arriving to little Petra by bicycle
Cycling trip: arriving to little Petra by bicycle

Cycling Trips in Jordan

Cycling or riding a bike maybe a second nature to many at is one of the easiest, healthiest, and environment-friendly ways to discover a destination. However, Jordan is not really a bike-friendly country. There are no dedicated roads for bikes. Steep mountains and climate conditions make cycling in Jordan more difficult. For this reason,  the Jordan government has created laws and regulations when it comes to cycling trips and other adventurous activities throughout the country. For every cycling trip in Jordan, there should be a cycling guide and truck coming along with you on your track/destinations. Properly maintained bikes and safety gears shall also be provided along with daily safety briefings.

In2Jordan and Cycling Jordan have decided to work together so we can provide adventures to people looking for it. We make sure to abide by the laws and regulations of the Jordan government and to provide safety and great experience to all cycling enthusiasts. We have come up with several cycling trips with guaranteed departures that people can join in.

Cycling Trip Start Date
Single Supplement
Tuesday, 25 February 2020
8 days
Guaranteed departure
Tuesday, 28 March 2020
8 days
Guaranteed departure
Sunday, 19 April 2020
8 days
Guaranteed departure
Sunday, 10 May 2020
8 days
Guaranteed departure
Sunday, 20 September 2020
8 days
Guaranteed departure
Monday, 5 October 2020
8 days
Guaranteed departure
Sunday, 25 October 2020
8 days
Guaranteed departure
  • 6 overnight stays in three-star accommodation
  • 1 overnight stay in a luxury resort along the coast of the Red Sea
  • 7x breakfast, 5x lunch, and 1x dinner
  • Transfers in air-conditioned tourism minivan with English-speaking driver
  • Transfers from and to the international airport in Amman
  • Free water and snacks during all cycling rides
  • Bicycles and cycling gears during all cycling trips
  • Support vehicle and guide during all cycling trips
  • First-aid workers during all cycling trips
    • Free access to your personalized travel app
    • 24/7 emergency contact in Jordan
  • Jordanian visa and entrance fees (see
  • Flights
  • Personal expenses and insurances
  • A day-pass to the Dead Sea
  • Add-ons

Trip Itinerary

A driver will pick you up at the Queen Alia International Airport and will bring you to your accommodation in Amman. This will be a free day. Depending on your time of arrival, you can walk around the city of Amman or you can choose to take a rest to gain energy for the cycling trip.

A driver will pick you at the reception of your hotel after breakfast. You will then be brought to the starting point of the cycling tour. From the end point, you will be brought back to Amman and you can spend the rest of the day as you please.

The trip will be 35 kilometres and will take approximately 4-5hours. It includes a climb of 327 meters and a descend of 1452 meters.

Start point: The King Hussein Public Gardens

End Point: Kafrain Water Dam

Locations that will be covered (or passed by): Dabouq Village, Al Rababieh,  Al Bayader, Iraq al Amir (here you will find the ruins of Qasr al Abed – an old fortress that used to be two-floor high).

Check the route here.

This cycling trip is over paved roads only. The trip takes you around Dabouq village. Driving past Al Rababieh and Al Bayader you will then reach Iraq al Amir. Here you find the ruins of Qasr al Abed, an old fortress that used to be two floors high. You can spend some time visiting this site before continuing your journey.  After Iraq al Amir you leave the greater Amman region. Enjoy the spectacular views of the country side of Jordan.

Your final destination is the Kafrain Water Dam. Upon arrival lunch will be served after which you return back to Amman by bus. The rest of the day you get to spend however you want. If you have energy left then you can visit the Roman theatre, the Amman citadel and wander around the lively souks in downtown Amman. Alternatively, you could find a nice café and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

You will be picked up from your hotel and be brought to Mount Nebo where you will be given safety guidelines again before your cycling trip commends.

You will be brought to Madaba City from the Dead Sea after your cycling trip of the day.

Ride distance: 54kms (mostly downhill on paved roads)

Start Point: Mount Nebo

End Point: The Dead Sea

Locations: Mount Nebo, Ouin al Theeb, The Dead Sea, Madaba

Check the route here.

Take your luggage with you and place this in the bus gping to Mount Nebo. This is the place from where Moses saw the Promised Land. It is believed that Moses has been buried on this mountain. On a clear day you can even see Jerusalem from here. At Mount Nebo you will be briefed again about safety instructions for today’s ride. The ride is mostly downhill on paved roads. At Ouin al Theeb you will be driving off road. This route gives you great panoramic views of the valley below. In total you descend 1665 meters until your reach the lowest point on earth: The Dead Sea. From Mount Nebo you start with a spectacular view over the valley below. In the far distance you can already see the Dead Sea. After departure you first make a descend into the valley below, followed by a short climb. On the way you ride past houses located in the valley. If you are lucky you even get a chance to talk to some locals who are going about their daily lives. The climbs can be steep at certain points during the ride, however the views are totally worth it. After you had the biggest climb it is mostly downhill. Riding through the mountains you slowly feel the temperature and humidity increasing until you reach the Dead Sea Road. Once you reach the Dead Sea hotels area you have the chance to rest and to enjoy a nice packed lunch.
You will be collected from the Dead Sea and driven back to the Christian city Madaba. This city is particularly famous for its mosaics. If you still have energy left you can visit the Greek Orthodox church in order to see the oldest existing map of the Promised Land.

You will be picked up from your hotel and be brought to Karak.

Ride distance: 47 kilometres includes a climb of 400 metres. (you will be at 1233 above the sea level)

Start point: Karak Village

End Point: Al Hasa

Locations that will be covered (or passed by): Karak Village, valleys and local villages along the way, Al Hasa, Dana Biosphere Reserve, Wadi Dana Valley

Lunch location: Dana Biosphere Reserve

Dinner location: camp at Dana

Check the route here.

Take your luggage with you. In approximately one and a half hour you drive to Karak. This village has become famous for its crusader castle. This castle is the largest castle in the Middle East. Built in the 1140s it used to be a refuge for traders and pilgrims. It also served to protect the Kings Highway, the most important trade route between Damascus, Cairo, Jerusalem and Mecca.
Today’s ride is quite a bit more challenging than the previous two rides. The ride is approximately 47 kilometers and starts with a climb of approximately 300 meters. You will now be 1233 meters above sea level. During the ride you drive through the countryside which enables you to enjoy the beautiful views over the valleys and the villages down below. After the initial climb you then descend more than 1400 meters until you reach Al Hasa. Here lunch will be served.

After lunch you will be brought to the Dana Bioshere Reserve. The Dana Biosphere Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Jordan and encompasses all four different bio-geographical zones of the country due to the differences in height within the reserve. A total of 800 plant species and 449 animal species live in this reserve, among which the Sand Cat, the Syrian Wolf, the Lesser Kestrel and the Spiny Tailed Lizard. Enjoy the beautiful views while the sun sets over the Wadi Dana valley. Dinner will be served at your camp in Dana tonight.


You will be picked up from Dana and will be brought to Shobak.

Ride distance: 46 kilometres with an ascend of 660 metres and descend of 1100 metres. I includes descend of 1550 metres going back.

Start point: Shobak

End Point: Al Baydha

Locations that will be covered (or passed by): Shobak, King’s Highway, Al Baydha, Petra

Check the route here.

You will be driven from Dana to the crusader castle in Shobak. This castle is smaller than the one in Karak but not less impressive. It is located on a mountain and therefore offers you a dramatic view on the castle when driving towards it.
The ride today is approximately 46 kilometers with an ascent of almost 600 meters and a descent of 1100 meters. When departing from Shobak castle you drive down into Shobak village. From there you take a right turn and start ascending to 1550 meters. Looking to your right you can see the Shobak castle resting on the mountains. After reaching the three-way intersection you make a sharp right turn. From here you start descending into the valley below. After 22,5 kilometers you reach the lowest point of today’s ride. Here you can take a break, drink some water and enjoy a snack before starting the toughest part of today’s journey: a 500 meter climb over a length of 15 kilometers. On the way you can take as many breaks as you want in order to make it to the top. Once you reach the top you can enjoy some spectacular views. If you look carefully to your left you can even see the Kings’ Highway meander through the mountains.

After reaching the Kings’ Highway it’s only 10 more kilometers before you reach the final destination: Al-Baydha. From here you will be picked up and brought to your hotel in order for you to rest for your visit to the highlight of this trip: UNESCO World Heritage Site Petra.

There won’t be any cycling for this day. You have the day to explore this fantastic UNESCO and World Heritage site. Walk through the majestic Siq until you reach the Treasury. Due to its location in between the mountains it has been protected from natural corrosion from sunlight, water and wind.  You can visit The Royal Tombs and make the climb to the viewpoint to look down onto the Treasury as the morning sun hits it. Or perhaps climb up the mountain opposite to the High Place of Sacrifice and take the trail down to the Garden Temple Complex. At the end of the day you return to your hotel for some well-deserved rest.

Ride distance: 44 kilometres includes a descend from  1570metres to 966metres above the sea level.

Start point: Rajif Village

End Point: Desert Highway

Locations that will be covered (or passed by): Rajif Village, Desert Highway, Red Sea, Aqaba

Check the route here.

Driving through the desert is an experience you will not forget any time soon. Enjoy the serenity and the lack of villages and people around you and fully take in the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Today’s ride ends on the desert highway. From here you will be brought to Aqaba for some well-deserved rest on the shores of the Red Sea in Aqaba.

Depending on your departure times your driver will come and pick you up. You will arrive at the airport three hours prior to departure. The drive from Aqaba to Amman is approximately four hours. Make sure you have an afternoon flight!

For more details, you may get in touch with us. 

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