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Diving in Aqaba - the ultimate dive trip for Open Water Divers - In2Jordan

Diving in Aqaba – the ultimate dive trip for Open Water Divers

by Carmen Scholten
Dive Aqaba - best dive sites for Open Water divers

Aqaba, the coastal city of Jordan is located at the Red Sea. With lovely temperatures all year round (even in winter the water is about 20 degrees Celsius), and easy to access dive sites, Aqaba is a great destination for scuba diving.  For the (aspiring) open water diver or higher certified diver.

Because of the water always being relatively calm in comparison with other places along the Red Sea, Aqaba is known as breeding area for lots of fish. With this diving itinerary, fantastic for the PADI open water diver, you’ll see the highlights of Jordan while enjoying the best dive sites of Aqaba.

Loads of Juvenile fish in Aqaba, dive sites for open water divers

Loads of Gold- and Juvenile fish in Aqaba, many great dive sites for open water divers

Day 1. Arrival King Hussein Airport Aqaba.

At the Aqaba airport your driver will be ready to bring you to your hotel. Depending on the arrival time you have time to make a stroll around downtown or do another activity that you can only find in Aqaba. You can choose to stay in downtown in any hotel or head towards South Beach, where you find local dive resorts.

Day 2. King Abdullah Reef and the Black Rock

Today you start your Aqaba diving adventure at the King Abdullah reef but not before you’ve received the instructions of your dive guide. The reef is big and from an, during weekdays empty beach, you easily reach the dive sites. At the reef you’ll find lots of different species of corals, juvenile fish and also the Torpedo Ray is a frequent visitor of the reef. When lucky, you’ll be able to come across sea-turtles. While you’re swimming along the soft current, and by the time you reach the end of your dive, you’ll head out the water for a break.

From here it’s just a short swim away from the Black Rock dive site. Here you’ll swim your way in and come out via a different route. Along your dive, you’ll pass by a big cabbage coral and different pinnacles before ending your dive.

Black Rock Dive Site, open water dives in Aqaba

Black Rock Dive Site, open water dives in Aqaba

Day 3. Rainbow Reef and Japanese Gardens

All dive sites are incredibly close to each other. From the Marine Park of Aqaba, you’ll be able to visit multiple dive sites, sometimes even on one dive. The rainbow reef is called as such because you can find coral here in the shape of a rainbow. You’ll also find a big cable, dating from back in the days, where a telephone line was built between Egypt and Aqaba. Even though on short distance of the reefs you visited yesterday, also here you find different species of fish. Common here are nudibranches such as the Spanish dancer, differently colored Murays and lobsters.

You second dive of today is at the Japanese Gardens, a dive site that has yet again beautiful corals and is host to many fish. Here you can swim along beautiful table corals and other fantastic coral formations. A great dive site to close of your dive adventure of today.

Why divers choose In2Jordan for their next dive trip

With experts that live in Aqaba, you’ll instantly get to know the ins and outs of diving in Aqaba. When you’re looking for your next dive trip from shore or by boat, we know which dive centers are licensed and professional. Next to that, we’ve actually visited many of the dive sites ourselves! 

Day 4. Seven Sisters and Tank

Even for open water divers there are wrecks to enjoy in Aqaba. If your dive guide plans wisely, you can combine the two dives into one. Via sandy patches you make your round underwater, at the southern part of Aqaba’s Marine Park, you make your way to a fantastic underwater scenery. The Seven Sisters dive site is home to different pinnacles that are surrounded by grass patches. It creates a truly underwater garden experience. Here you might come across an occasional octopus, but also the rare sea-moths are to be found here.  On your way back you make a safety stop at the tank that lays on 6 meters depth. Also this tank is surrounded by many juvenile fish. Today is the end of your dive adventure in Aqaba. (Please note that you can shorten or extend your dive time, we can customize everything to your wishes!) The rest of the day you have time to either relax and take up the sunny weather, do one of the many activities Aqaba has to offer or make your way towards the Aqaba Aquarium. Also for divers and enthusiasts of anything that’s to be found in the Red Sea, this Aquarium makes an excellent excursion.

Safety stop at the tank, Aqaba open water dives

Safety stop at the tank, Aqaba

Day 5. From Red Sea to Dead Sea

This morning your driver is ready for you to take you towards the Dead Sea. On the way you can make a possible stops at the silky sanddunes of Wadi Araba, home to many camels. Make a visit to one of the Valleys for a hike (depending on the time of the year) or do a rural workshop in the Jordan Valley. Once arrived at the Dead Sea, you have time to wrap yourself in mud, and float at the lowest point of earth while watching the sun going down.

Day 6. From the Dead Sea via Karak, the Dana Nature Reserve, Shobak and Little Petra to Petra

From the Dead Sea you drive via scenic roads up to Karak. Here you find one of the biggest crusaders castles of the Middle East. From here you take the Kings Way down South. The next stop is at the Dana Nature Reserve, another one in the list of ‘biggest’; It’s the biggest nature reserve of Jordan where you not only have fantastic views, but the reserve is also home to 4 different climate zones and numerous species of flora and fauna.

You continue your way via Shobak (optional), a lesser visited crusaders castle, located high up a hill. Also here you’ll find beautiful remains of what was once a fantastic castle. From Shobak it’s only a short drive towards Little Petra. Here is where you’ll get a nice preview of what’s waiting for you tomorrow. Little Petra was a depot for Petra. All the products that were about to be traded in the Nabatean Capital Petra, were stored and checked here before they could enter. Plus, in Little Petra  you can find one of the few Nabatean fresco’s. Look out for the signs of the sites and climb up to a tomb in order to see these. You stay the night in Wadi Musa, the town of Petra.

The Siq in Petra, when will you finally see the Treasury?

The Siq in Petra, when will you finally see the Treasury?

Day 7.  A visit to UNESCO world heritage Petra and sleeping with the Bedouins

Today you have a full day to visit Petra. Walk your way through the mystic Siq until you reach the iconic Treasury. But Petra is so much bigger than that. From the Treasury you can choose to walk up to the High Place of Sacrifice. Or make a visit to the Byzantine churches and Royal tombs. And when you’re a mountain goat you can climb up to the Monastery or to Jabal Khubta, great places to visit that take a little more effort to climb up to. At the end of your day in Petra the driver is ready to take you towards Wadi Rum for the overnight stay. Here you stay in a luxurious or authentic Bedouin camp, from where you have fantastic views of the starry sky.

Day 8. A jeepsafari and back to Aqaba

Today you wake up to experience the immense vast desert of Wadi Rum by day. After a simple breakfast you head on a jeeptour along the best places of this desert. From sand-dunes to Nabatean inscriptions and a fantastic moon-like landscape, you’ll experience it during todays’ excursion. Once back at the Rum village, your diver is ready to take you to Aqaba for a last day at the coastal town before heading back home.

Day 9. Departure from Aqaba

Depending on the time of your departure, the driver is ready to take you to the airport. You’ve visited the Golden Triangle of Jordan. Come back another time to explore even more of this beautiful country.

Local restaurants at the water in Aqaba

Aqaba house restaurant public beach


Are you ready to head towards Aqaba for your next scuba diving holiday? Even when you’re arriving to Amman airport we can make a logistic smart trip that allows you to see the country and dive the best dive sites. Our experts have been diving in Aqaba for multiple years and know the way. Get in touch for a customized dive trip!  

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