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Explore Jordan in Style - In2Jordan

Explore Jordan in Style

by Haze

The vast lunar-like landscape of Jordan is peppered with ancient cities sandwiching metropolitan settings. This means you can explore this country in a myriad of manners. This includes traveling in style – the VIP way.  Pamper yourself or your family with fancy tours being offered by various tour companies in this majestic kingdom.

To get you started in planning your unforgettable posh visit to Jordan, here are some top-notch luxury travel ideas.

Private Yoga Session

In2Jordan Private Yoga

They say practicing yoga clears the mind and enriches the soul. What better way to attain a Zen state of mind than having a private yoga session. While most people do yoga in groups, by hiring a private yoga teacher you can hasten your learning. Some tour companies offer this service complete with a side trip to a scenic destination. Imagine your body engrossing itself to the various flows of yoga while a picturesque backdrop stares back at you.

Private tours onboard luxury cars

In2Jordan Private Transfers

Exploring Jordan in a luxury car shall give you a cooler way of travelling in style. Go from one place to another in a Mercedez Benz and experience comfort of privacy and luxury. In2Jordan can also make special arrangements for you to have luxury cars after you cross the borders to Israel. 

Play at the exclusive 18-hole Golf course in Aqaba

Golf Ayla

The Ayla golf course in Aqaba is Jordan’s first ever 18-hole par 72 golf course. It is also considered as one of the world’s best eco-friendly golf courses. Situated near the picturesque hills of Aqaba bay, this golf course was designed by golfing legend Greg Norman. Ayla Golf course spans 120 hectares of spectacular greens and lush landscape. There is always a big chance you’ll end up playing a round of golf here with a celebrity or even a member of Jordan’s royal family.

Hot Air Balloon Tour at Wadi Rum

Hot Air Balloon Wadi Rum

The jaw-dropping landscape of Wadi Rum – already mesmerising on the ground, takes notches more amazing when viewed from the top. Level up your exploration by availing  hot air balloon tours being offered in Wadi Rum. Much slower than a helicopter, other people prefer this method of flying to enjoy the view for a longer time. Whatever you choose to fly on, both the helicopter and the hot air balloon will surely give you memorable images of Wadi Rum.

NOTE: You can also experience a helicopter tour over the city of Amman.

Wine Tasting at a Vineyard

Wine Vineyard Jordan

Feasting on sumptuous Jordanian cuisine won’t be complete without a taste of the country’s wine culture. Arrange with your tour operator, a private wine and food pairing at the JR the Wine Experience or at the Winemaker in the posh Adbali area just outside of Amman. Other impressive vineyards can be found along the Jordan River in Mafraq. These are the Zumot Wines and the Jordan River Wines.

Remember that being a Muslim country, beers and alcohol are not readily available in most restaurants. Booking a wine tour is one of the ways to experience and get a taste of the many fine tasting wines cultivated in the country.

Private Dining and Sunset Sailing

Sunset Sailing

Another way of maximising your culinary adventure in Jordan is to dine in style. What better way to feast on Jordanian cuisine than on-board a luxurious yacht sailing on the Red Sea just before sunset.

Book a private sailing trip complete with a delicious multi-course meal and wine, on the Red Sea aboard a stylish yacht service with your own personal butler and chef.

Enjoy the picturesque views while sipping champagne or you can also request for a romantic candle-lit dinner for two along the beach in Aqaba or near the majestic lunar background of Wadi Rum. Dining on the Red Sea while watching the sunset and capping it off with a glass of wine under the stars shall create a truly memorable experience.

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