11-Day-10-Night Family Trip in Jordan

by Carmen Scholten

The idea of family is central to Jordanian culture, and so it should come as no surprise that Jordan is an incredibly family-friendly destination. Many couples here have 4 or 5 children, and in the southern Bedouin tribes numbers can be in the double figures. Children are always fussed over and welcomed – in restaurants you may find the waiter scooping up your child and taking them off to play. You’ll get the scare of your life, the Jordanian culture won’t see any harm in it. Everyone keeps an eye out for each other.

Jordan is a great place for exploration and adventure – children enjoy clambering up worn-away steps in Petra; camel riding and camping overnight in Wadi Rum; sand-boarding down dunes; swimming with the multitude of fish in the Red Sea; floating in the one-of-a-kind Dead Sea (depending on their age of course!). There are tunnels and towers to explore in ancient castles and interactive Eco-museums and Children’s Museum in Amman. Plus lovely hotels where they can jump into the pool while you soak up some sun!

Family in Wadi Rum

Family fun in Wadi Rum

Depending on the ages of your children and their interests, there are multiple trips you can take. Below an example of an 11-day round-trip through Jordan.

Day 1. Amman Airport (Queen Alia International Airport) to Madaba 

When you’re traveling with kids, whether small or big, then it’s always best to stay as close to the airport as possible. The little Christian town of Madaba is closest to the airport. On only a short drive you have a selection of simple yet family-friendly hotels to stay at. If you’re traveling around the summer months, then head to one of the hotels with a pool for some cooling down or swim off the energy after sitting still on long flights.

Day 2. Madaba city tour and cooking workshop – Madaba

In Madaba, you can not only find the famous St George church with its famous mosaic map of the Promised Land, but you can also find churches, mosques or shop for Hijab barbies only to be found in the streets here. Together with a local guide, you’ll start to explore the city. Around lunchtime, you head to a local family’s house, where together you will prepare a traditional Jordanian lunch. In the afternoon you can decide to wander around town yourself, or head to the hotel to relax.

Explore the castle of Iraq al-Amir on a short distance from Amman – Family friendly holidays in Jordan

Day 3. Madaba – Amman – Iraq al-Amir – Madaba

Today you’ll first head to the busy and buzzing capital of Jordan: Amman. Here you’ll make a city tour along with the best places. Head to the Roman Theater, the Citadel and to down-town Amman. Or, if you have some teenagers, head to Rainbow street or go on a street art tour for the best selfies.  After a quick lunch, you head towards the beautiful area of Iraq al-Amir. Fantastic views of the mountains and a valley full of fruit. Here you find a beautiful little castle that is the perfect setting for some climbing and exploring. You can also head to the nearby Ladies cooperative or enjoy a local family dinner before heading back to Madaba for the overnight stay.


Day 4. Madaba – Kings Highway to Petra 

Today is a long day but with enough stops to stretch your legs. And in between, there’s a magnificent view to look at while traveling along the Kings Road! The first stop will be the Karak Castle, the biggest crusaders castle in the Middle East. A visit here is the perfect way to break up the drive towards the south of Jordan. You continue and can make a stop in the Dana Nature Reserve for a walk in the village here where you have fantastic views over the valley. You continue your way via the Shobak Castle, other crusaders castle high up a hill, towards Little Petra. Here you have a preview of what’s waiting for you tomorrow. You continue towards the hotel or camp for the overnight stay.

Kids in Little Petra

Kids in Little Petra

Day 5. Visit Petra

The ancient city of Petra is one of Jordan’s national treasures and by far its best-known tourist attraction. Petra is the legacy of the Nabateans, an industrious Arab people who settled in southern Jordan more than 2,000 years ago. There are many things to see on the way towards the Treasury. Who can spot the big feet of what was once a camel caravan? Or can you spot the Elephant rock? When seeing so many things on the way, even the smallest feet will forget about the distance. We keep being amazed by how much distance our smallest guests are covering while in Petra. Once you’ve had enough, you head back to the hotel to relax after a long day.

Day 6. Visit Petra

Today you can choose to head back to Petra a second time to explore this huge UNESCO heritage site. You can also decide to simply relax at the pool of the hotel today. In the afternoon you will be picked up and brought towards the biggest and best desert: Wadi Rum. On the way you can make a stop at the Hijazi train station, Depending on the time of the year and the time of sunset, you’ll do a sunset jeep tour today, or do it tomorrow morning when it’s nice and cool. You stay the night with real Bedouins! Make sure to hang around at dinner time, as they will magically take your dinner from under the ground. And when it’s dark, you can learn all about the universe. If you look good then you might want to make some wishes when seeing falling stars!

Smores in Wadi Rum – Rahayeb Camp


Why families love traveling with In2Jordan
Prior to your trip, you’ll receive a personalized travel app. It counts down to the trip and gives extra information on the country, what to look out for and what you will do during the trip. Both parents and kids can prepare and take up the information at their own pace, and enjoy a little bit of Jordan even before departure. 

Paddleboarding and kids waterpark in B12, Ayla Oasis Aqaba

Day 7. Wadi Rum Jeep tour – Aqaba 

Days start early in Wadi Rum. After (a simple) breakfast, you’ll head together with a local Bedouin towards the best places of the desert with a jeep safari. Hold on tight! You will see inscriptions from the Nabateans, climb rock-bridges and roll down high red sand-dunes on this mornings’ excursion. After this adventure in this amazing desert, it’s time to wash off the sand at the Red Sea.

Day 8 & 9. Free day in Aqaba

Aqaba is the lovely little town of Jordan, with a strip of beach at the Red Sea. Ideal for some snorkeling, possibly even diving or just to relax at the beach after your adventure in Jordan. You can take a local glass bottom boat from the public beach. You can head towards one of the private beach-clubs in Aqaba for some really good family fun. Or, if you’re interested on what’s swimming in the Red Sea, head towards the Aqaba Aquarium. You can learn how to bake your own Arabic cookies, traditional Aqabawi Fish dishes, or make your own sand-bottles to take home.

Family vacation in Jordan

Cooking traditional Aqaba food

Day 10. Aqaba – Dead Sea

Unless you’re flying from Aqaba back home or towards Amman Airport, you’ll need to get back up north! You drive a scenic road towards the lowest point on earth. The road takes you through the silky sand-dunes of Wadi Araba (the Jordanian side of the Negev desert), where you can find camels crossing the roads or in the far distance. Once arrived at the Dead Sea it’s time to make afloat. Be careful though, the salty water prickles in your eyes! When traveling with small children, it will pay off to choose a hotel with a lovely swimming pool to have some fun before you head home tomorrow.

Day 11 – Dead Sea – Amman Airport 

From the Dead Sea, it’s around 1.5 hours driving to the airport. Alternatively, you can stay in Amman or Madaba to save you a bit of travel time towards the airport. Time to head home!

Relaxing at the beach in Aqaba

Families from all over the world head towards Jordan and leave the country amazed by how family-friendly the culture is. And our experts happen to live inside Jordan and have kids of their own as well! In2Jordan knows what you as a family are looking for or what you should look out for when selecting your hotel and planning your trip. Get in touch with us and receive a customized family round-trip through Jordan. 


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