Jordan: The Blooming Yoga Destination

by Haze

The yoga capital of the world is India and there’s no doubt that the yoga scene there is pretty massive due to the fact that a lot of aspiring yoga teachers go there to study and get the certification. On the other hand, there are a lot of travellers these days that do not want to teach yoga but are engaging themselves in yoga practice to enhance their spirituality and wellness. Despite being on the road, they still make it to the point to do yoga at some point. If you are one of these travellers and you happen to be or planning to set your foot in Jordan, you can still continue to practice yoga because the wellness establishments in this beautiful country have been sprouting to cater both local and foreign market.

Yoga and Horse Soul Retreat

If you are in Amman, Jordan’s capital then you are at the right place to find a place to stay near yoga studios wherein you can join classes. The thing about these yoga centres is that they have already accepted the fact that there are many travelling yogis wanting to deepen their experience in their vibrant country.

The following yoga studios differ from each other completely but they are considered the best in Amman.

Here are the studios you can check:

One With Nature

One With Nature Center is a boutique yoga, Pilates, and fitness center in Abdoun, Amman, Jourdan. They have created a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere for everyone.

Their mission is to motivate and inspire you on your journey towards healthy living through mind-body fitness and wellness programs that promote physical, functional and emotional well-being.

This boutique facility aims to cultivate the mind, body, and soul connection. It’s a must visit for a unifying yoga experience. It’s a highly recommended center because it has everything and you will manage to receive almost one-to-one guidance from all of the inspiring instructors. They don’t just offer yoga but you can definitely check their some of their other programs related to fitness.

Prana Space

You are welcome to join the free chanting sessions in Prana space! Chanting sessions are further healing to the soul. Try this wonderful opportunity that won’t cost you anything but for sure you will do more and immerse yourself in one of their programs.

Prana space is cozy studio which offers healing therapy, yoga therapy, and yoga classes, as well as other workshops. It is a simple facility with a vibrant energy that can be felt when you first step on their door. You will also feel the joy and contentment brought about by the skilled and dedicated yoga instructor. If you are into healing practices then this is the best facility for you to experience a transformative journey in Jordan.

Over The Rainbow

If you want to pursue a yoga teacher training certification in Jordan, that is also possible through the pieces of training are on a specific schedule but who knows it might be the perfect timing for you. Art of Living course is the first yoga shop/studio in Jordan. It is a very inspiring and relaxing facility. If you are into art you can really appreciate the interior and the small details that it has. They take art seriously and it’s evident on the colors and patterns that you see. The wonderful scenery when doing meditation classes is also an added appeal as you would be able to have a glimpse of the other side of Jordan. In addition, many people have shared that the vibe of Over the Rainbow is definitely phenomenal.

Namaste Zone

Namaste Zone’s main goal is to really help people from all walks of life to have better lifestyle choices and to commit on themselves for their personal goals in order to become a better version of themselves.

Farah Qudsi is the founder of this centrally located yoga studio in Amman. She personally believes that yoga is the main road for positive changes in our lives. She also knows many things about yoga which definitely she would be sharing to you if you join in one of her classes.

The atmosphere of this studio is very calm and warm which are highly needed for yogis. It’s one of the best options too for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.

Tribe Yoga Space

Find your tribe and have a space for yourself in a studio which has a friendly and professional atmosphere. If you are looking to join a class with a small group with reasonable pricing then this is the top choice for you. Classes for all levels in Tribe Yoga Space were made for the young and old.

An added feedback is that the music played while practicing yoga is always on point. There are also wet towels available for you if you need them.


Apart from visiting yoga studios, you can also join yoga holidays in this blossoming wellness destination of the Middle East. There are many organizers offering packages for transformative retreats in Jordan. We could really say that this country has a lot to offer for when it comes to yoga. It’s not just about their history but it’s about how the local people who are always ready to share their knowledge about yoga to everyone.

There are also other tours for wellness recreation in Wadi Rum that offers a day and night of yoga retreat.


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