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Activities with kids in Jordan, fun for all the family! - In2Jordan

Activities with kids in Jordan, fun for all the family!

by Margherita Clerici

Wondering if your Jordan trip will fit for your kids too? Jordan is full of historical places and a paradise for archaeologists but you will be surprised how many activities for kids are there too! Jordan is the perfect place for curious and adventurous kids; outdoor exploration and introducing history, religion and nature – an open-air schooling paradise!

Activities, fun and exploration for kids in Jordan

The Jordanian culture, as in general in all  Middle East, is very family-oriented, and especially children play a main role in the culture. (Big!) family ties are strong, the elders enjoy great respect from the younger ones. When it comes to everyday life, it’s a must to spend time, hang out and eat meals altogether when possible; spot Jordanian families reunited in restaurants in Amman or on huge picnics on the beaches of Aqaba or Wadi Rum!

You will notice that when having kids during your trip, it is even easier to get in contact with locals and enjoy the hospitality; Jordanian will never lose a chance to smile, give little gifts or offer sweets to them while they invite you for your guaranteed cup of tea.

Meeting new friends in Petra


Especially if with children, we will do our best to organize your itinerary not squeezing in too much and to not spend much time on the road. Baby seats in our cars are also available!


Family pic at Wadi Rum

Special Guest note: some of these pictures are from Elena and Simone, who visited Jordan with us last spring with their lovely daughter Celeste; they had lots of fun and they shared their amazing pictures with us. Thanks guys! Follow them on IG celeste_in_valigia


Here are some interesting activities that you can attend during your stay in Jordan:

One of the capital’s newest neighbourhoods, Dabouk, is home to the Royal Compound and the King Hussein Park – the largest park in the city. You can spend a nice afternoon here, maybe after your Amman City Tour, making a great mix with the Royal Automobile and Children Museum, using the playing fields and people-watching as well.

Amman Children’s Museum

A place where children can play and educate at the same time. The specialists/guides of the Museum will show you all the exhibits and the kids activities. The nice and friendly atmosphere makes that place special, learning is a pleasure.

Children’s Museum, one of the activities for kids in Jordan

Royal Automobile Museum with Aviation Museum in Amman

Here you can admire with your family the best of small and larger aeroplanes and through a rare collection of cars, collected from King Abdullah to the current King, His Majesty King Abdullah II, you are taken through time from 1916 to present day. This spot isn’t just about seeing fancy cars, but rather about portraying the magical history of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan through the cars exhibited. Kids and all the family will love it!


Its a field game of GPS receiver users, based on searching for so-called geocaches previously hidden by other participants of the game. It is one of the most surprising activity for kids! Hidden usually in the places of interest, the locker contains a visit log, to which subsequent finders enter, as well as small gifts for exchange. The location of the hiding place is passed by its founder to other participants of the game by entering geographic coordinates in one of the special online databases, the so-called geocaching services. The overriding idea of the fun is to encourage its users to visit, as a result of searches, places where hiding places are hidden. Some places chosen by the hiding people are hard to reach, little known, rarely visited, and at the same time attractive and as such recognized as worthy of presentation to other participants of the game. The rebate takes one of the souvenirs hidden in the container, leaves a new no less attractive, and enters his ID and date in the cache visit log.
You can play with your children wherever you are!

Petra Kitchen

Enjoy this place when you can learn with your family members, how to prepare fast and delicious Jordanian meals. It is great fun, especially for kids. Workshops can learn you simple tricks, later you can try them at your own home!

Camel ride in Wadi Rum or in Petra

If you and your kids love animals, that will be something special for them. You can take a 1,5h or few minutes ride on a camel, having the special local experience with the “Desert taxi”!

Celeste and her daddy riding a camel in front of The Treasure, Petra

Climbing in Wadi Rum/Petra

Take a walk with your loved ones, along unusual routes and beautiful canyons. The kids will be in heaven; climbing over rocks and jumping puddles. The martian landscape in Wadi Rum will delight you and magical Petra will make you feel like you’re in another land!

Climb over the “Bridge” of the desert

Enough sand to play in Wadi Rum for Celeste? 🙂

Kids-friendly hikes

There are so many kids activities deep in the nature of Jordan! For example, in the north, you can visit the Ajloun Castle, an ancient Muslim fortress. Then go on a hike together with a local hiking guide, from Ajloun to Orjan, to discover beauty of nature. At the end of that hike, you will have a late lunch/early dinner together with a local family. Another option is to enjoy a fun and easy guided hike in the green and shady canyon of Wadi Bin Hammad, with hot springs and water flowing through the Siq (about 20 to 40 cms of water making it safe for kids). Wadi Numeira is another easy option, where kids can play in low water under the shadow of the “watery Petra”, surrounded by beautiful colours of this canyon.

Our expert local hiking guides explored their beloved land up and down, and they will happy to advise or to customize your hike trail according to age and interests of your kids.

Explore the Castles in Jordan!

4X4 Jeep or Quad in Wadi Rum

Take an adventurous ride! Feel freedom and excitement! Make yourself a real race in Wadi Rum! It’s a lot of laughs and adrenaline!

History is fun!

Jordan offers ancient Muslim and Crusaders like Kerak and Ajloun castles, where you kids can learn about the history and wonder about epic battles! You can have fun also along the Desert Castles itinerary, following the steps of Lawrence of Arabia and his army or of the visionary merchants during their a thousand nights trips.

At Jerash, your kids are able to truly marvel at the ancient Roman times, finally out of the school books!

In Amman, enjoy the wonders of the Roman Theather. Your kid can stand at the center of the stage and his voice will echo. You can sit on top of the last row and being able to hear him/her clearly!

Celeste and her mum at the Roman Theater, Amman: let’s play the echo game!

Of course, if you are in Jordan, the thought of visiting Petra has crossed your mind. Petra complex is safe to explore, and there are steep drop-offs in many places, especially on the road to the Monastery and the High Place of Sacrifice. Some of the activities for kids could be the horses, carriages and camel riding, or learning the amazing story of this place while approaching the Siq and the Treasury, feeling like  Indiana Jones!

Simone, Elena and Celeste exploring Petra


In Wadi Rum, you can discover the locomotive of the Hijaz Railway. This desert station invokes the memory of the century-old conflict that helped shape the modern Middle East, when the Arabic-speaking world was controlled by the Ottoman Turkish Empire. The refurbished steamer at the Hejaz Wadi Rum stop puts that history on display for you and your kids! You can walk the perimeter of the train and take pictures, or step inside to observe the compartments. On certain occasions, you can even pay to the board the train and partake in a mock battle during a show put on by the Jordan Heritage Revival Company!

Aquarium in Aqaba

Take your kids and show them sea treasures! If you’re not keen on going into the water yourself, or if you just want to see what’s swimming in the Red Sea, the renovated Aquarium is a good spot! It’s not huge but has beautiful aquariums full of fish. They also have numerous projects in regrowing corals, by pumping water directly from the Red Sea into the Aquarium. It’s a very nice excursion usually loved by kids.

Boat trips in Aqaba

One of the most favourite kids activities in Jordan: take a boat trip! They will love it! From ordinary boat tours (where you can also try snorkelling) to glass boat trips – you can choose what is best for you. You’ll see  Aqaba from a different point of view! You’ll be able to see some of the sea creatures if you’ll have luck! The Red Sea in Aqaba is full of many creatures, including color fish, corals and maybe you’ll even see a sea-turtle!

Amazing creatures in the Red Sea

Diving for kids

For kids above 8 years old, diving can be a kids activity as well. Discover a beautiful underwater world with your family! Certified diving instructors will show you an amazing coral reef and all the wrecks in the Red Sea!

Kids Clubs in Hotels

Most of the 4 and 5 * hotels have special in-and outdoor areas prepared for children of different age. They can spend a nice time there, playing games with other little guests. Let us know and we are happy to find the best solution for you.

Shopping together

Buy souvenirs during your trip in Jordan. Adults and kids like to do shopping, especially on their holidays! There are plenty of Jordanian things that your children will love! From funny t-shirts to small bottles with color sand are unique, you can have it with your own name even.
That’s a great time to spend together and have a lovely gift!

In2Jordan’s tips for activities with your kids in Jordan:
Tip #1 Safety:

Don’t worry! Jordan is a safe oasis in the region; as tourism is very important and hospitality reigns supreme in Jordanian DNA, valued guests are treated as such, especially kids. You will be amazed by the kindness and hospitality of locals. At the time of writing, Jordan is considered very politically stable.

Tip #2 Weather:

Jordan is blessed with a lot of sunshine and warm weather most of the year, which allows a lot of fun with outdoor activities but be mindful of sun protection for your little travel buddies!

Tip #3 What to pack?

Bring clothes you don’t mind to get through all kids’ climbing and exploring! Hats and t-shirts of course, but also their little favourite hoodies to keep them warm and protected from the breeze in the desert evenings while looking for the shooting stars! For extra fun for your mini Indiana Jones, why not to pack torches for cave exploring, or binoculars to glance the variety of animals in natural reserves. If your kids are still small: strollers won’t work (sand, rocks and no side-walks), bring a carrier instead. Car seats we have for you without any extra charge.

Tip #4 Food:

During all these activities for kids in Jordan, all the family will get hungry! Usually, the local food is well loved by kids, especially with the delicious variety of homemade and genuine sweets and the tasty falafel sandwiches! And in Jordan you might find french fries for breakfast! There are also lots of variety of food served with flat bread. Some of the common ingredients are rice, meat, chicken, chickpeas, eggplant, tomato, olives and olive oil. If you are staying in a Bedouin camp you will most likely get to try a meat dish called Zarb which is cooked in a submerged oven! The moment where they take everything up is usually a huge surprise for everyone, especially for kids! In touristy areas, you can easily get western dishes like pizza, pasta, french fries and burgers.

Tip #5 Imagination:

Did you know? Wadi Rum’s unique terrain has been featured in a number of Hollywood movies. One of the most recent is the live-action remake of Disney’s Aladdin, starring Will Smith! It would be fun to watch together the movie before or after the trip to get your kids inspired in their next playing sessions.


Aladdin and the Genius in the Wadi Rum!


Enjoy kids activities in Jordan! Try new things, learn and discover! Get in touch with us and our experts will create a customized trip for your family!


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