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Instaworthy places in Jordan

No trip without some good content for your your Instagram and social media, right? Here’s a shortlist of the most instaworthy places in Jordan. When visiting Jordan you’ll not only embark on an adventure of a lifetime, you’ll automatically have an incredible amount of content #foryoupage. You’ll thrive your Instagram to the next level:

Colorful coffeeshop in Amman

Colorful coffeeshop in Amman

Amman from a different perspective – Instaworthy Jordan

When going on our alternative tours along Jordan’s capital, be amazed by the scenes that make the perfect scenario for that fantastic shot. Head to the Duke’s Diwan, the suburbs of Amman with fantastic views over the city and citadel. Or find out all about modern day Amman while making a visit to the best graffiti and street art.

Extraordinary mountains – instaworthy places in Jordan

With a visit to the Dana Nature Reserve you will not only find yourself in the picturesque village, you’ll also have a fantastic backdrop that is the biggest valley of Jordan. Stand on one of the round white mountain tops while posing overlooking a fantastic scenery.

At the outskirts of Petra, you’ll find mountains that almost look cloudlike. The best part is: during the day these mountains will take on different colors. Of course the golden hour is fantastic, coloring the sky and mountains in pink and purple tones. You’ll be able to make fantastic pictures in the area where the Little Petra camps are located, or in one of the bigger hotels that are located a little further away from the entrance.

In UNESCO Petra, ‘the real Petra’, you’ll find endless possibilities to make your next Instaworthy shots of Jordan. Climb mountains, view the Treasury from the top, explore caves and the most colorful rock-formations you’ve ever seen. Here’s our guide to some spectacular trails in Petra.ย 


Out of this world accommodation – Instant Instaworthy-ness

Bubble camps in Little Petra and Wadi Rum that even have a jacuzzi for you to pose in. Or roll yourself in silky sheets with views through the ‘windows’ of your bubble tent in Wadi Rum, while overlooking the scenic landscape of this beautiful desert.

Enjoy your breakfast with views of the Ma’In hot springs, and head out to the spa, where the water of the hot spring goes directly into the swimming pool.ย  When continuing on your trip, make sure to stop at the southern part of the Dead Sea for the whitest salt formations.

Or visit the smallest hotel in the world, at the foot of the mountain where the Karak Castle is located. Or what about a stay in the beautiful residence of Bait al Fanan, where you have views from your balcony over ancient Pella.

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The best sunrises and sunsets ever

It takes some early rising and preparation to get where you need to be when the sun rises. Beautiful soft light that creates picture perfect settings. And if you choose the right location, you buy yourself some extra time as the mountains block the harsh day light just a little longer.

During the day, you can opt to head into one of the many beautiful valleys that Jordan has to offer. For example Wadi Numeira, Mujib or one of the canyons in Petra.

At the end of the day, enjoy the best shots of the golden hour. No matter where you are, the country has fantastic sunsets to snap your next instaworthy pictures.

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Stay salty ๐ŸŒ…

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Wadi Rum & Hijazi Trainstation

Snap some great shots while drinking super sweet herbal tea with Bedouins in their traditional tents. Or head out to the middle of nowhere for some pop-up camping for minimal light pollution, no footsteps in the sand-dunes and no other tourists on your picture. And if you’re looking for yet another scene in Wadi Rum, head to the historic Hijazi trainrail station and get in or on top of that steam-train!

Aqaba from yet another perspective

Okay okay, we understand that you might not be able to hold your breath long enough and have some serious free diving skills for these type of pictures. But when you do, head out to the military underwater museum for some awesome shots. You might get featured on the Discovery Instagram page (which, together with Nat Geo, feature Jordan all the time!).

Whenever you’re a creative director, video- or photographer, influencer or just keen on having an awesome trip to Jordan, simply get in touch with your wishes. Our creative team is happy to assist with your wishes and arrange paperwork where needed (for example when you want to bring along your drone). Discover Jordan from a different perspective!

Bonus content: look out for this Bedouin boy, practicing tiktok-ing his way inside the Petra caves singing Dance Monkey. #FYP

Do you have some awesome and instaworthy pictures of Jordan to share with us? Use #In2Jordan or tag us in your stories and posts with @In2Jordan to get featured on our pages. Let’s inspire and share the best instaworthy places in Jordan!

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