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Resilience Retreat Jordan: Learn How to Deal with Stress - In2Jordan

Resilience Retreat Jordan: Learn How to Deal with Stress

by Carmen Scholten

Looking for your next retreat in Jordan? Or are you having a hard time coping with the stress you get from work, on a personal level or for any other reason? Lower your stress levels with professional therapists during this Resilience retreat in Jordan. Learn how to lower chronic stress and prevent getting a burn-out. 

Resilience Retreat Jordan

Resilience Retreat Jordan

What is the resilience retreat in Jordan about?

During this 5 day retreat course, you’ll receive practical methods to lower your stress and higher your resilience. Not only during the retreat but also when you get back home. For example with Tension Release Exercises. A method that allows you to release stress by doing physical exercises. But also with Quantum Energy coaching, where you connect and align your conscious mind and beliefs with your unconscious mind. Add stress management methods and practical restorative exercises do this and you have all you need to know to be resilient to stress back home.

Who will coach during the retreat? 

During the resilient retreat you’ll be guided by certified practitioners on TRE and QEC exercises. Alice and Nicolien have an incredible amount knowledge and experience in this field. For years they have been working and supporting employees with high levels of stress that worked at major organizations such as United Nations and UNICEF. During this retreat you’ll be in fantastic hands.

Your coach during the resilience retreat in Jordan: Nicolien Zuijdgeest

Your coach during the resilience retreat in Jordan: Nicolien Zuijdgeest

Your coach during the resilience retreat in Jordan: Alice Roorda

Your coach during the resilience retreat in Jordan: Alice Roorda

Nicolien Zuijdgeest

Critical Alignment Yoga teacher
Certified TRE®provider
Facilitator of Group Processes and Dynamics
Arabist and specialist in Change management

More info: nicolien.com

Alice Roorda

Certified TRE® Provider
Certified QEC Practitioner
Psychologist NIP, MSc
Specialist in stress and trauma

More info: tensionrelease.org

Where is the Resilience Retreat in Jordan?

You’ll find yourself in the beautiful setting of the mountain breeze resort, in As Salt, the North of Jordan. This resort is located in the mountains of As salt, from where you have fantastic views over the area. You’re not only on a short distance from the airport (an hour) but you can also head to the town of As Salt. Here you find unique historic architecture, you can participate in one of the local workshops and explore many churches that are home to this town. Click here to find out more on what to do in As Salt, Jordan. 

View from the terrace in the resort during the Resilience Retreat Jordan

View from the terrace in the resort during the Resilience Retreat Jordan

For who is the resilience retreat in Jordan?

For anyone who experiences some sort of level of stress or trauma. If you want to learn and work on how to combat your stress during but also after the retreat. For anyone from anywhere in the world. Or anyone who experiences:

  • Stress and burnout
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Relationship issues
  • Trauma
  • Anger issues
  • Sleep problems
  • Hyperactivity
  • Heart decease
  • Low energy levels
  • Digestive problems
  • Low immune system
  • Low confidence and self-worth
  • Memory and concentration impairment
Resilience retreat in Jordan

Resilience retreat in Jordan

When will the retreat in Jordan take place?

The retreat will take place from 18 to 24 April 2020. Before or after you can either join a group tour to see more from the fantastic country of Jordan or have us customize your trip if you want to travel individually.  If these dates don’t fit you and you want to open another date, please get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities of opening a new date later this year. Also for organisations that want to provide stress release methods to their employees.

How much does it cost? The price of this retreat is 1700 USD per person in shared accommodation. If you want to have your private room the single supplement is 475 USD. Some employers will be able to (partly) finance this trip for you, make sure to ask!

What’s included?

The 5 day resilience retreat is a full program that includes:

4 Sessions on Tension Release Exercises
3 Sessions on Quantum Energy Coaching
3 Sessions on Stress management methods
4 Short sessions on practical Restorative inventions
Overnight stays at the Mountain Breeze lodges and resort in shared rooms, including breakfasts and dinners

Culinary delights on the Resilience retreat in Jordan

Culinary delights on the Resilience retreat in Jordan


When you’re traveling from abroad you might want to book the following optional activities which are not in the standard package:

  • Airport transfer to and from the airport or elsewhere in Jordan.
  • An extra 5- day round-trip that shows you the highlights of Jordan after the retreat.
Monastery Petra, picture by Kent Tanemaki

Monastery Petra, picture by Kent Tanemaki

The optional round-trip through Jordan

Day 1. From Salt to Amman

Today your driver will meet you at 10 AM at the reception of the Mountain Breeze hotel. He’ll take you south towards Amman where you visit the highlights of Jordan’s Capital. Stroll through the city and visit the Citadel, the temple of Hercules, the Roman Theater and Folklore Museum. At the end of the day you head towards your hotel for the overnight stay.

Day 2. From Amman to Petra

Today it’s time to head down to the town of Petra. But, you first will visit other sites before heading towards this UNESCO world heritage site. You start your day with a visit to Madaba, where you find the famous mosaics of the Promised Land and the St. George church. You continue towards Mount Nebo, the place of which is believed that Moses saw the Promised Land but was also buried. When weather allows you will have fantastic views, even over the neighboring countries. From the hilltops of Mount Nebo, you descent to the lowest point on earth; the Dead Sea. After a mud wrap and a float you freshen up to continue your way down south. In the late afternoon you’ll arrive to Petra for a free evening and overnight stay.

Day 3. Discovering the Red Rose City 

Today you have the day to visit Petra. Walk your way through the Mystic Siq. In excitement you’ll wander you way through this narrow valley. When you will finally see the iconic Treasury, the best known monument of Petra? When you least expect it it’s just there. Take a moment to explore and take in the breathtaking beauty and greatness of this tomb. But that’s not it! Petra is incredibly big. Continue your way towards the Roman Theater, Colonnaded street, the Byzantine Church, the Royal tombs or one of the many other temples you find along the main train of Petra.

In the late afternoon you head back to your hotel to collect your luggage. Your driver will be waiting for you at the reception of your hotel and is ready to take you towards Wadi Rum .Here you have an evening filled special food, Bedouin traditions, hundreds of stars and a stay in an authentic or luxury Bedouin camp.

Day 4. By jeep through the desert and departure from Amman

Start the day with a jeep tour along with the best places in the desert. Wadi Rum is protected by UNESCO because of it’s natural and cultural beauty. On a red, moon-like landscape, you’ll go together with local Bedouins to the best places. High red sand-dunes, inscriptions and rock-bridges. When it’s time to go, your driver is waiting for you to take you straight back to the airport. You’ll not only leave with handles to manage your stress levels at home, but also with lovely holiday memories.



Wadi Rum Landscape

Wadi Rum Landscape




Are you ready for the retreat in Jordan of a life-time? Send us an email on info@in2jordan.com or click here to get a place on this resilience retreat. (only limited places available!)  

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