JORDAN: Top Experiences To Have

by Haze

In our earlier article, we suggested some can’t miss places in Jordan. This time around, we would like to discuss some of the top experiences to have in the country of Jordan. These are the places and experiences where travelers can find themselves at an almost solitary vibe – away from the throng of tourists. It is another way of enjoying the rich culture, heritage and stunning landscape of Jordan.

To further help you plan your holiday, here are some unique ways to get off the usual path in Jordan.  

Explore Petra at Night

Most tour groups take their guests to Petra during daytime. But by the moment the sun sets in, the place becomes more isolated. Candle lit pathways emerges to welcome the few remaining visitors. Petra becomes more magical during the night. Although night-time tour costs a little extra, the upside you get is lesser crowd and a more spectacular ambiance.

Imagine the glittering star-filled sky illuminating against the golden hues of the Treasury. And the other ruins – while lighted up by candles. Petra, suddenly becomes an off-the-beaten path place mirroring the ancient past. It is where nomad tribes pass by and stay at the various Nabatean homes located within Petra.

It isn’t only the spectacular nighttime setting that is most appealing. The traditional Bedouin music played by local musicians; along with the sweet sip of mint tea creates a more fabulous feel to the whole experience of witnessing Petra at night.

Camp under the Stars in a Bedouin Tent

Wadi Rum, Bedouins

There is no better way to experience the culture in Jordan than immersing with the Bedouin people. It also gives a way to learn more about the history of the locals. The temporary settlements of the nomadic tribe of the Bedouins are hidden in narrow canyons all over Petra and Wadi Rum. Partaking in the tourism industry, some of them have set up camps to accommodate visitors. Here, they entertain guests with cultural shows and joining them to feast over local cuisines. Beautiful rock formations usually surround the camps. These are all under the stunning night time skies – which is always covered with countless stars.

Sleeping inside a cozy tent and surrounded by one of the most striking and otherworldly landscape in the world? Now that sounds an experience to have when you travel in Jordan!

Journey the Road Less Traveled of King’s Highway

Jordan’s “Road of the Kings” is also known as the Desert Highway. It is a straight and long highway that cuts across the northern part of Jordan up to the Red Sea in the southern part. You can either rent a car or take public transportation to travel this road.

The Road of Kings also connects Petra to Wadi Rum. A more off-the-beaten section of this road is the “King’s Highway”. A popular trading route during ancient times, it is now devoid of public transport – making your journey more adventurous.

Traversing the King’s Highway requires you to rent a car. You will find yourself trailing hundreds of kilometres of rough roads and various forks. This highway leads to a series of scenic canyons such as the Wadi Hasa in the south and the Wadi Mujib in the north. A number of tour operators in Amman offers this kind of trip. This is a great way of exploring other parts of Jordan countryside before proceeding to Petra and Wadi Rum.

Visit the Town of Salt

Photo by L’esc Photography

No visit to Jordan is complete without visual feasting on the finest Ottoman architecture buildings. The town of Salt is just the perfect place to achieve this. Situated northwest of Amman, the quaint town of Salt which sits on a layer of successive hills is not only gifted with jaw-dropping scenery, it is also home to many renowned 18th and 19th century buildings.

Founded by Ottoman traders and merchants from the 17th to the 18th century, the town of Salt hides a bounteous wealth of history and culture. Today, visitors can regal at the beautiful architecture of the impressive structures that remains in Salt. A thriving town with a very friendly local population certainly add up to a wonderful travel experience at this off-the-beaten path town in Jordan.

Go Nature Tripping at Azraq Wetlands

A unique wetland and home to a number of migratory bird species, Azraq – which is situated in the Eastern Desert of Jordan, is a popular destination for the few nature lovers who visit Jordan. It is considered as an off-the-beaten-path destination because it still doesn’t attract the same number of tourists in Petra, Amman and Wadi Rum.

The Azraq wetlands though is an ideal nature escape thanks to numerous hiking trails and natural springs in the 12 square kilometer area. It also boast of a rich history because it was here at the Azraq Castle where Lawrence of Arabia was assigned to set up base during the Arab Revolt. Apart from the nature gifts of Azraq, numerous archeological sites can also be found here such as: the desert castles of Qasr Kharana, Qasr Amra and Azraq Castle.

These are just five of the surprisingly more off-the-beaten path destinations in Jordan. Just be mindful of safety measures and plan your trip ahead of time by availing the services of reputable travel agencies and save up room for a sense of adventure and rest assure you will have an unforgettable journey to Jordan.

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