Yoga in Petra area

2 Days Yoga Retreat in Petra

Reconnect to your inner nature in the stillness and beauty of the Jordan during this retreat in Petra and it's surroundings.
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yoga retreat in Aqaba

3 Day Vipassana silence & yoga retreat in Aqaba

The Aqaba Vipassana retreat is more than a weekend with yoga and meditation. This yoga retreat in Aqaba is a restorative and

3 Day Yoga & Horse Wisdom Desert Retreat

Feel at peace. Increase awareness and inspiration while on a breathtaking location in Jordan. Join us for a short yoga retreat
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Meditative walk in Little Petra during yoga retreats

9 Day Yoga and Horse Wisdom Desert Retreat

Expand and deepen your awareness, unbridle your creativity, and be inspired to transform your life. Connect to the stillness and magic
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Ajloun Forest Reserve Weekend Trip

The perfect trip for a short weekend getaway to the countryside! Hike through the beautiful Ajloun forests, explore the almost 1000 year
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Aqaba Dive Packages

Aqaba is the best destination to discover the underwater world of the Red Sea. With dive programs suitable for recreational divers; those wanting
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Azraq Wetlands Weekend Trip

Explore eastern desert of Jordan with this weekend trip itinerary. Hike and bike through the Azraq Wetland Reserve and visit the
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bird watching in Jordan

Bird Watching in Jordan – Day Tour

Jordan is on the crossroads of three continents; Europe, Asia and Africa… It is not yet known as neighboring country Israel
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Community-based tourism in Jordan

The most memorable experiences are those involving interactions with locals. Jordanian families are famous for their hospitality, inviting you into their house
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Culinary trips in Jordan

Get to know local families, participate in a cooking workshop or visit Women Societies in Jordan. With these culinary trips in
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