Go on a morning to the Al Rabee Society & Animal shelter in Aqaba. Their small team is completely depending on donations and volunteers. With over 100 dogs to feed and take care for, they have not enough time on their hands.  They don’t have enough people to get the jobs done and are in desperate need of people who want help out and give some love to the dogs in the Animal shelter. 

What will you do? 

Between 08.00 and 09.00 AM – Pick up from your hotel in Tala Bay or Aqaba city center
From 09.00 until 11.30 AM – Play time! Help along with feeding, repairing things or simply cuddling the dogs.
Between 11.30 AM – 12.00 PM – You’ll be brought back to your hotel in Aqaba or Tala Bay.

What does it cost? 

Pick up in Tala Bay or South Beach: 
Costs for a taxi: Around 20 JD
Costs for a minivan: Around 30 JD

Pick up in Aqaba:
Costs for a taxi: Around 15 JD
Costs for a minivan: Around 20 JD

Prices are for transfers only, we would like to ask you to make a cash donation to the staff of the Al Rabee Animal Shelter in Aqaba or send it to them via Paypal to [email protected]



What else can I do to help?

  1. Donate money – you can simply give this to the volunteers at the shelter and they will put it to good use or donate via Paypal to [email protected]
  2. Adoption offer 1: The dogs found at the animal shelter are also known as the Canaan breed. They are incredibly strong dogs and their type of fur makes that they do well in both hot as cold climates. Costs are around a 1000 USD to get all healthcare, flights and arrangements ready. Inquire at the shelter directly what the possibilities are for adopting and bringing your puppy home.
  3. Adoption offer 2: With a yearly financial commitment, you give the shelter handles to keep the dogs in the Animal shelter in Aqaba. With a contribution of 25 dollar per month you adopt but leave the pup here in Aqaba. In return you receive monthly updates and pictures from the volunteers on how they are doing.

How to book?

Call or whatsapp Carmen on +962 797 114229 or send [email protected] an email with your name, the amount of persons, which hotel you stay and the day you want to go to the shelter (Maximum the evening before you want to go) and start cuddling those cute dogs!

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