Go local! Enjoy this Dana hiking trip to learn more about the local culture in south Jordan. This trip is created for people who would like to dive into old traditions and local culture. Dana Nature Reserve is the oldest and biggest reserve in Jordan, founded in 1989. Local guides will take you on hikes where you will be invited to join a local experience and visit local projects. You will stay at Wadi Dana Eco camp and Feynan Ecolodge, both accommodations that care about the environment and local communities in Dana.


Guidance throughout this weekend trip

Escape your daily routine and surprise yourself with a fascinating weekend in Dana Nature Reserve. Upon arrival in the village, a 4×4 car will take you to the first accommodation of your weekend, Wadi Dana Eco camp. The camp is ‘off grid’ only reachable by 4×4 car.

The next day, you will be hiking one of the most beautiful trails in Dana, which will take you all the way through the nature reserve to Feynan Ecolodge, situated at the southern corner. What makes Dana nature reserve so special, is that it’s the only area in Jordan where you will pass four different kinds of bio-geographical zones (Mediterranean, Irano-Turanian, Saharo-Arabian and Sudanian). A wide range of rare animal and plant species are found and protected in Dana. 25 of the 450-animal species are known to be endangered, such as the Sand cat and Syrian wolf.

During your hike, you might have the change to spot some interesting flora and fauna. Your guide will know everything about it. While you are hiking to the Feynan Ecolodge, your luggage will be transported. When you arrive at the lodge, you can check in.

During this weekend trip, you will have the opportunity to learn not only more about Jordan’s oldest and largest nature reserve but also about its natural inhabitants, the Bedouins, who still own the land and protect it. They set up numerous projects, like the workshops you will visit during the village tour in Dana and the local experiences you will join in Feynan.


What to expect during this weekend trip to Dana


(Prices are per adult, staying in a single, double, twin or double room, on all-inclusive base)

2 guests: 345 JD / 487 USD pp
3 guests: 284 JD / 402 USD pp
4 guests: 271 JD / 383 USD pp


Contact us if you want to travel with a bigger group or with children (<13 y/o) and we’ll give you the best price. 


What’s including

Overnight stay at Wadi Dana Eco camp, including dinner and breakfast
Transfer from Dana village to the camp on day 1
Dana village tour on day 1 *
Half day hike to Feynan Ecolodge on day 2 **
Lunch box on day 2
Local experience: khol/coffee
Overnight stay at Feynan Ecolodge on day 2
Luggage transport from the camp to Feynan Ecolodge on day 2
Transfer from Feynan Ecolodge to Dana village on day 3

*          All hikes are including a local Bedouin guide
**        Including Dana nature entrance fee and Feynan Ecolodge conservation fee


What’s excluding

Transfer to and from Dana village
Visa Jordan/Jordanpass
Personal expenses + tipping


Optional activities

Experience a day with a local shepherd
Bike rental
Hiking with a guide (possible on day 3)



This Dana hiking trip is available all year around. It can be cold in winter with rain and snow. A supplement will be charged during public holidays. Reservations are subject to availability.


Day 1:
You are expected to check in at Wadi Dana Eco camp at 12:00. After a quick fresh up, a local Bedouin guide will be ready to take you on the Dana village hike. This tour will lead you into the surrounding hills and through the terraced gardens. Here you will visit two local activities. Local Bedouin woman from Dana are working on handmade silver, copper and bronze jewelry and are making dried fruit products. Back at the camp, it’s time for dinner. A homemade dinner will be served, starting from 19:00. After dinner, you have the time to relax. Watch the sunset or relax and enjoy some Bedouin tea. Overnight stay at Wadi Dana Eco Camp.

Day 2:
After a good night sleep, a traditional Jordanian breakfast is served. Then a local hiking guide will pick you up to take you for a half day hike. Via a beautiful scenic route your guide will take you in about 5 hours to Feynan Ecolodge. After you’ve checked in its time to start with a local experience. Choose between learning about how to make Arabic kohl (natural eye liner) or how to make Arabic coffee. Local Bedouin people from the Azazmeh tribe will host you during these experiences. It gives you a unique insight into the lives of one of the last remaining Bedouin tribes in Jordan. After your local experience, you will have time to relax before a homemade dinner will be served on the terrace. After dinner, you can go for some stargazing around the fire and enjoy Bedouin tea. Overnight stay at Feynan Ecolodge.

Day 3:
After a homemade breakfast, you have the option to go for a hike, join one of the local experience or choose another optional activity. Or, spend the day relaxing at the lodge. After a homemade lunch, a 4×4 car will bring you back to Dana village where you can collect your car and hit to road from where you came from.

Dana Cooperative – sustainable tourism in Jordan

Shortly after the Dana Nature Reserve was established in 1994, Dana Cooperative was founded by the young people who lived in the villages of Dana and Qadisiyah. The nature reserve stretches along land that belongs to the Bedouin families from Dana and Qadisiyah.

The Dana Cooperative is working together with more than 100 Bedouin families from the region. It is a community-based organization. Their aim is to preserve the community’s distinctive qualities with supporting sustainable development and eco-tourism while protecting the community’s cultural and natural heritage.

At the moment, their focus lies on the preservation of Dana village, a 15th century Ottoman village, community development, and the empowerment of local woman and young people.


Wadi Dana Eco camp

Wadi Dana Eco camp is the second accommodation that the Dana Cooperative opened. The camp is completely run by the local Bedouin communities. They are taking care of the natural environment in and around the camp. The land is sensitive and the local heritage is precious for the local Bedouin communities. That’s why they are working towards a self-sustainable existence. Located just 1 km from Dana village.

You will enjoy your stay at Wadi Dana Eco camp, as you will experience a warm welcome and beautiful views over the surrounding valleys. Enjoy watching the sunset while drinking a cup of real Bedouin tea.

Photo by: JTB

Dana Hotel

Dana Hotel is one of Jordan’s first hotels completely run by local communities. It was also Dana Cooperative’s first launched tourism project.

The hotel is located in the heart of the 15th century Ottoman village of Dana, surrounded by beautiful valleys. From the hotel’s doorstep, you can make various hikes in Dana nature reserve.
You will enjoy your stay at Dana Hotel, as you will experience a warm welcome and beautiful views from their rooftop where you can watch the sunset while drinking a cup of real Bedouin tea.

With support from the US AID, they could restore some old buildings and expand their accommodation capacity. The new rooms are all restored Ottoman houses which still belong to the people of Dana.

Photo by: Frank Marshall
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