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Unique Locations To Pop THE Question In Jordan - In2Jordan

Unique Locations To Pop THE Question In Jordan

by Carmen Scholten
Unique locations to propose in Jordan

For all those gents out there (or those brave ladies), here are some of our favorite and unique places to propose in Jordan. From a private glamping set-up in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert, a dinner at the lowest point on earth or even from an airplane, we got you covered!

Pop the question on a private boat on the Red Sea, while the sun is setting

Pop the question on a private boat on the Red Sea, while the sun is setting

A Real Treasure

In any of Jordan’s deserts, we can hide something for you. This way, you can ‘accidentally’ stumble upon your own real treasure. In the Middle of silky soft sand-dunes with a backdrop of bypassing camels. At the moon-like landscape of Wadi Rum or while on a shark tooth hunt in the white desert up North of Jordan. Or, if you are into GeoCaching, navigate your way to the best Treasure ever.

Proposing on Mars

No need to pay a life-time worth of savings to head up to space with Virgin Galactic shuttles when you have a setting such as Wadi Rum. As said before, Wadi Rum offers fantastic opportunities for proposing. For example with a private camp or dinner setting, while looking up to the starry sky and being surrounded by many candles. Or climb up your way to a high mountain with fantastic views. While climbing up, don’t notice anything until you reach your luxurious Bedouin setting and a cold bottle of champagne ready for your next romantic sunset. Or, head out very early to propose on even higher levels during a hot air balloon flight over the desert.

Manara luxury collection hotel on the shore of the Red Sea in Aqaba

Manara luxury collection hotel on the shore of the Red Sea in Aqaba

Proposing inside the Red Sea

Yes, you read it right. And the scuba divers among us will know exactly what we’re talking about. It wouldn’t be the first time that dive enthusiasts popped the question under the waters’ surface. And with clear visibility and calm water year round, the Red Sea and Aqaba make the perfect place for asking that important question. And if you prefer to stay more on top of things, then you can consider going on a private sunset dinner cruise.

Will you marry me in Petra?

Go on your knees with the backdrop of the Treasury after a climb up to the Jabal Khubta viewpoint or while in de midst of hundreds of candles during Petra by Night. Hike your way through the immense park to find a private dinner setting waiting for you inside caves. Or, have your own Bedouin entertainment during a private dinner set-up in the cloud-like mountains of Little Petra. Go extra cheesy and propose during a fake traditional Bedouin wedding.

Unique locations to propose in Jordan: Overlooking the Monastery in Petra.

Unique locations to propose in Jordan: Overlooking the Monastery in Petra.

Why the Romantics travels with In2Jordan

Above are some of the many ideas we have for you to propose anywhere in Jordan or simply to create an incredibly romantic setting during your Jordan Adventure. We’ve been even featured in the Lonely Planet for this.  A dedicated, hopelessly romantic but also creative team is ready to organize this special part of your trip and keep it a secret.   

Say yes on the lowest point on earth

Luxurious resorts are the perfect location to get romantic. First, get in the mood by doing some pampering in one of the many Spa’s such as a couples massage. Or head out to the hot-springs for a relaxing bath as you might have the shakes on what will be the answer to your question. Create your private setting at the beach or go the extra mile: (let us) prepare your own version of a book or magazine in where you ask the question.

Unique locations to propose in Jordan

Shores on the Dead Sea, one of the unique locations to propose in Jordan

Helicopter your way to a yes

You can ask high up in the air, while flying over Amman’s hills. Or you can fly by helicopter to your private set-up including private chef and waiters anywhere in Jordan, ready to give you an evening you’ll never forget. Imagine yourself on a luxurious lounge setting, surrounded by orchids of date-palms or olive trees. Get a taste of Jordan’s finest cuisine before going on one knee to ask; will you marry me?

And if your partner is not sure yet

But what if you or your partner is not sure? Then we know one very good way to find out: hike your way through the country on one of the Jordan Thru hikes. If you can still stand each other after 44 days of non-stop walking, hiking, blisters and outdoor camping: You’ve found the one. 

Get to know each other on the Jordan Trail

Get to know each other on the Jordan Trail

We will think about everything

Except for the ring, that one is on you! From secretly communicating with you to get together with a fantastic plan in unique locations to propose Jordan. Or to make sure that the luxury snacks on top of that mountain fit in your fiance-to-be’s dietary plan. Or, if you want to capture the moment of truth: we can also arrange a professional photographer for you to come along. Get in touch and we’ll happily ever after help you with your proposal. 

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