Visa to Jordan

by Carmen Scholten
Visa to Jordan

Jordan has many points of entry and they all have their own rules and regulations. Here you can find an overview of the regulations when it comes to your visa to Jordan. 

First and foremost, please check that your passport is valid for at least 6  months after leaving the country. 

Check if your nationality is able to receive a visa upon arrival. A list of these nationalities can be viewed via the website of the Jordan Tourism Board.

In case you have a nationality that is not able to get a visa upon arrival, please note that we can help you but only when booking a complete program with us and that we ask for a non-refundable fee to process the visa’s. Plan ahead: take around 6 months time to get everything sorted. It can be that the ministry that provides this visa’s doesn’t approve your visa so we can’t guarantee success. Chances of getting one is bigger when you travel as a family. Again: We can not guarantee that this application will be approved.

Visa to Jordan when arriving to Amman

At this moment we recommend to purchase a Jordan pass. You will need need to buy it ahead of time, is only available online and need to print it out to show to the customs. (There’s no such thing as a special desk at the airport where they sell Jordan passes!)

Please note that:

  • Children up to 12 years don’t pay entry tickets at the sites and therefore they better buy a visa upon arrival. It saves you money.
  • If you’re traveling from Amman airport to Aqaba within 24 hours after arriving in Amman the visa should be free of charge. However, this is depending on the officer who’s working there. If you want to make use of this service then you  need to have your passport stamped in Aqaba at a police station within this time, which is quite the hassle.

Visa to Jordan when arriving to Aqaba

When you arrive to Aqaba (via the port, when you’re on a cruise-ship, coming from Saudi Arabia, Eilat/Wadi Araba Border or arrive via the Aqaba airport), then your visa is free of charge. Exit fee is always 10 JOD when leaving Aqaba. Sometimes this exit fee is included in the outbound flights and depending on the airline. Overall people always pay 10 JOD departure tax (or 40 JOD+10 JOD when staying less than 3 nights) In this case the Jordan Pass is more expensive so it’s not recommended to purchase one.

Visa to Jordan when arriving to the King Hussein border

This is the border just up from the Dead Sea. Only Jordan passes or pre-arranged visa’s (via the Jordanian embassy Ramallah or Tel Aviv) are allowed here. Please note that on Fridays and Saturdays the opening hours of the border are limited: Be there before at 10 AM.

Visa to Jordan when arriving to the Sheikh Hussein border

This is the most northern border you can take. here you can get a visa upon arrival but also the Jordan Pass is recommended here to save time and costs. Also here they are to be printed out before arrival and to show to customs. Other than  that here the same rules apply as when arriving to the Queen Alia airport in Amman.

Visa to Jordan when staying less than 3 nights in the country:

Jordan wants you to enjoy it’s beauty and contribute to the economy. This means that when you stay less than 3 nights in the country an additional exit fee is charged. This is 40 JOD.

And of course there are always exceptions to the rules: if you have a nationality that is South African or Japanese, then you can get a visa upon arrival free of charge.

Visa to Jordan with Jordan Pass.

The Jordan Pass is a pass that combines the visa to Jordan and pretty much all possible entry tickets you could need. Not all the time the Jordan Pass is the best solution, check the list above here to see if you should buy one or not.  There are 3 options for the Jordan pass and these are depending on how many days you are planning to visit Jordan. Once you’ve bought the pass, you’ll receive it via email in your inbox. Make sure you’ve printed it out and taken with you to show to the customs.  You can buy the Jordan Pass here.

Do you have any questions about your trip to Jordan, visa regulations or do you want us to make you a custom itinerary? Check our ‘About Us‘ page to see why and how you can contact us! 

Health regulation information to Jordan

Jordan is a pretty safe country to visit. There are no specific vaccinations, no strange mosquitoes and water is relatively safe to drink. However this is depending on the country you come from. There might be some extra health regulations you need to take. You will receive a personal advise from your travel consultant when booking with us or find an overview of health in Jordan here.



Disclaimer: please note that visa regulations might be changed without any notification. This overview of getting your visa to Jordan might change over time.

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