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Your Wellness in Jordan - Zen experiences to try! - In2Jordan

Your Wellness in Jordan – Zen experiences to try!

by Margherita Clerici

If you are wondering if Jordan is only history and camels, you are missing a lot! After a long walk or exploration or even directly after your flight arrival, leaving a stressful daily life behind you, Jordan can be your wellness oasis, to relax and recharge. There are many places in Jordan where you can afford spiritual and body luxury. By doing nothing, we do a lot for ourselves, using the beautiful aura, nature and all the advantages of the Middle East.

Relax at the pool

Relax at the pool

Your holidays in Jordan can be the perfect time to relax, restore the balance between the state of your spirit, mind and body. It is a good time to break away from the daily activities, duties, work – because it’s worth to invest in yourself as well! When we’re in good physical and mental condition, we see the world in different colours. We can enjoy our life even more. Or have more energy and motivation for further action later. We treat ourselves and others better, more open to new experiences.

All these superlatives can come visiting stunning places for your wellness in Jordan – Have some zen time!

Sunset in Wadi Rum

Pamper yourself on the shores of the Red Sea

The Red Sea is famous for its kaleidoscopic coral, a dizzying array of marine life and warm temperatures throughout the year, making it a much sought-after destination, especially for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. No wonder why; with the stunning variety of its underwater ecosystem, divers can swim with brightly coloured angelfish, butterflyfish and clownfish, without weight or any sound, only yourself and the magic of the underwater world. Wouldn’t you call it a zen experience?

After that, why to not retreat yourself to the next level in one of the beautiful luxury hotels in Aqaba? Here are our favourites:

Hyatt Regency Aqaba Ayla Resort is perfect to pamper yourself with its full luxury Spa treatments. Around you, there will be dazzling blue lagoons to hang out at in between treatments. You can also go strolling on its private sand beach, enjoy the view on the exclusive marina or practise your swing at the 18-hole Ayla Golf Club.

Wellness in Jordan at Hyatt Regency

Lagoons at Hyatt Regency Aqaba Ayla Resort

Al Manara Luxury  Hotel, in Saraya Aqaba, is another heaven on earth if you are looking to rejuvenate body and soul. Their luxury resort spa, meaningfully called Heavenly Spa, doesn’t want you to miss anything regarding wellness, making sure you can enjoy services inspired by global traditions, including Ayurveda and Chinese reflexology.

Massage room at Al Manara Spa

Wellness in Jordan’s Facts #1: Here you can try the unique Aqaba-Style massage, a special hot sand massage with local Aqaba herbs!


Another simple still great experience in the desert can be admiring the stars in the sky. It’s like nothing new but you’ll surprise yourself when you experience it on your own skin! It’s the best way to go out in the desert. During the night and evening hours, you’ll have a chance to look at the stars more closely. They shine the same as before, but the aura of the desert hides a magical power. What is unusual in this beautiful experience, is its simplicity. This is the moment when we can learn to appreciate short pleasures, moments, and simple things. For those who want to take it to the next level, we can organize a pick up to reach a special point of the desert where a passionate local group of Jordanians will show the beauty of stargazing in the desert also through the innovation of science, being able to get a little closer to the hidden wonders of the Universe. Stars, planets, nebulae seem so close thanks to an 11-inch Telescope.

Wellness in Jordan’s Facts #2: In Wadi Rum it is also possible to have the overnight in “Martian Domes” or “Bubble Tents”, which aim to create an outer space experience in the vast and empty desert. The magic is possible because they have a transparent panel designed for stargazing in the clear desert sky!

A bath in the Dead Sea and Hotel Spa

The Dead Sea is the saltiest sea in the world, which is why its healing is a blessing. It is the best known spot for wellness in Jordan. Mud baths are so popular that people from all over the world come here, among other things, to use them. Imagine yourself floating on the water. Full comfort! Additionally, during this time your body uses and self-healing treatments are performed on your body. So if you have skin problems, in the Dead Sea you’ll have the opportunity to fix them. In addition, the offer of body care cosmetics (with extracts from minerals and sea salt) is so extensive, that you’ll be able to choose something suitable for you. Starting from soaps, bath salts to wonderful body lotion, creams and conditioners.

The Dead Sea is a key site for wellness in Jordan

Salty waters of the Dead Sea

Wellness in Jordan’s Facts #3: The Dead Sea water is the only sea-source water that contains 21 minerals. Among these minerals are Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Bitumen and Bromine. Some of these minerals are famous for their health benefits, for skin’s anti-ageing, for relaxation and anti-stress, treating metabolic disorders and for stimulating the cardiovascular system.

Ma’in Hotsprings

This is a sensational hotel with unusual properties. Situated not far away from Amman and very close to the Dead Sea. The Ma’in Hot Springs and waterfall that are located on the property, as well as the extremely hospitable atmosphere, will make you feel like in paradise! You will be able to rest, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Cascade Spa – located directly under the natural, hot source of a waterfall, which cascades into a relaxing pool. The spa is located in a separate building with ten treatment rooms and a steam cave. You can enjoy and take a rest at the same time. Amazing place gives you an opportunity to spend a nice time of your own or with your loved ones.

Main Hotsprings is a great spot for wellness in Jordan.

The cascade at Ma’In Hot Springs Resort

Wellness in Jordan’s Facts #4: According to historians, even biblical King Herod frequented the healing springs at Ma’in (when these waters were known as Baaras) and built a villa at nearby Mukawer!

A stop at a Turkish bath

What about a stop to relax and recharge at your best by one of the oldest tradition about wellness in Jordan, the Turkish Bath, or Hammam: a soak, steam, scrub, soap and massage according to the best Middle East tradition!

Our favourites are in Amman, meaningfully called “A Thousand Nights”, and in Petra, walking distance from the site. You will be given flipflops and robes before enjoying a stream paradise. After a busy day exploring in Petra, it is the best ways to relax sore muscles and tired feet.

The main room of the “A Thousand Night” Turkish Bath in Amman


When the body and spirit pleasures are fulfilled, you can continue your trip in Jordan with new spectacular recovery!

Get in touch with us for your Wellness retreat in Jordan.

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